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Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) drives digital transformation in the hydropower industry.

HRI is a data-driven collaborative formed by industry leaders. We use data, coaching, and collaboration to help our members transform. Our goal is to lower the cost of operations and maintenance through digital transformation. 

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What we provide

Actionable Data for the Hydropower Industry

HRI ensures hydropower continues to be the premier electricity-generating resource in the transition to a low- to no-carbon grid by embracing digital transformation and technological advancement.

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Data Driven

Data driven decision making is the only way for us to remain competitive in the energy market. The HRI gives us access to a very large data set to build advanced AI and machine learning models. These models help us make better O&M decisions.


We joined the HRI to collaborate with other industry leaders. Collaboration gives us the ability to raise the bar on our performance and better serve our customers. Through the HRI we are learning best practices and collectively work through industry issues.

Cost Sharing

Sharing the cost of projects is a key reason we joined the HRI. We can conduct shared pilot projects with other utilities and decrease the time and investment to build new tools or complete research.

Our Vision

A digitally enabled hydropower industry that provides the availability, flexibility, and adaptability to be the cornerstone of the electrical grid.

HRI is guided by three pillars: data, coaching, and collaboration. Explore them below. 

  1. 01. Data

    HRI collects and manages one of the largest operational hydropower datasets in the world. Data is treated as both an asset and a tool to gather insight. We aggregate, standardize, and anonymize data shared by members. The data allows for comparisons across companies, equipment, units, and much more.

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  2. 02. Coaching

    Coaching is one way HRI provides value to our members. Our members are experts at generating power and running best in class facilities. We raise their level of expertise in digital transformation by analyzing data from across members and sharing the insights. We also work with members to develop their own abilities to explore, analyze, and incorporate digital transformation into their operations.

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  3. 03. Collaboration

    Collaboration is central to any transformation. Our members share ideas, experiences, and the innovations they see or experiment with in hydropower. They collaborate on projects benefitting everyone. This allows all our members to access more information and make better decisions - big and small.

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HRI’s Member Statistics

We aggregate, standardize, and anonymize the data shared by our members enabling comparisons across companies, equipment, units, and more. HRI's data commitments represent 44% of US, 9% of Canadian, and 4% of global generating capacity. 

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