Our mission is to ensure that hydropower continues to be the premier electricity-generating resource in the transition to a low- to no-carbon grid by embracing digital transformation and technological advancement.

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The Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) is a data-driven collaborative formed by and designed for industry leaders to drive the digital transformation of hydropower.

Our vision is a digitally-enabled hydropower industry that provides the availability, flexibility, and adaptability to be the cornerstone of the electrical grid. The HRI lays the foundation by standardizing and aggregating hydropower operational data from across the industry, which is required for predictive analytics and deep learning. We also facilitate collaboration within the industry so that all participants reap value from digital transformation. The benefits will vary amongst hydro asset owners, manufacturers, and researchers, but will ultimately result in a decrease in operating costs and forced outages, stronger R&D efforts and equipment, and better service delivery to customers in the changing market.

+ Asset owners

In the quickly evolving electricity market, hydropower asset owners are competing with other energy sources in delivering the best availability and flexibility at a lowest cost. Learn how to leverage your operational data and knowledge to reduce outages, improve reliability, and increase flexibility.

Asset owners

+ Manufacturers

Asset owners today want the ability to monitor your product’s performance to make data-driven decisions. To provide the best next generation of products and monitor your existing fleet, you need both large operational data sets and insight into owners’ needs. The HRI provides both. Stay on the cutting edge of a changing industry by joining the HRI today.


+ Researchers

The HRI is the largest dynamic operational hydropower data set available, full of potential to fuel research, feed deep learning models, and unlock other potential discoveries to transform the hydropower industry. Join the HRI to access this valuable data and collaborate directly with industry leaders to optimize both single facility and market-wide operations.


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