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Our Focus: Data

Data drives digital transformation.

HRI aggregates operational and event data from multiple hydropower organizations on the HRI Platform, opening new possibilities for research, development of advanced analytical tools, and a better understanding of how your organization compares to the industry. The HRI Platform allows users to explore a standard, anonymized dataset where outage events are connected to the operational data monitoring the status of equipment. 

At HRI, data is:

  • Collected and stored securely.
  • Standardized.
  • Shared anonymously.
  • Easily accessed from the HRI Platform.



The HRI Platform

The HRI Platform provides simple access to complex data. Data has been standardized to conform to a universal hydropower taxonomy developed by HRI. This enables searching for the same data across companies, manufacturers, and countries. Data searches can be performed using any combination of the following:

  • Date and Time Range: The HRI Platform has data going back to 2003. 
  • Equipment Profiles: Major components have different details; a profile can include information such as manufacturer, size, number of blades, type of runner, etc. 
  • Event Information: Examine data leading up to a planned or unplanned outage where the cause of the outage is a specified value, i.e., the turbine. 

When creating a report, you may specify the units of measurement to ensure they are all the same and choose whether to interpolate the data to fill in the gaps. 

HRI also offers API access to its members. 

Data Types

  1. Operational Data, typically from the SCADA system

    Used to track temperature, vibrations, pressure, and many other measurements.

  2. Equipment Profile Data

    Includes the characteristics of major components like manufacturer, type, and size. 

  3. Event Data, or outage data

    Stored for each unit, to show when and why an outage occurred. 

Comparing and Using Data

All data in the HRI Platform is anonymized to ensure the privacy of our members. It is mapped to a universal taxonomy enabling the comparison of data from different companies, unit types, sensors, and locations. Equipment profiles enable the detailed filtering of data by specific characteristics. Event data identifies time period before a specific outage type and cause. 

Data Uses

Explore the many different types of analysis made possible through the HRI Platform. 


Benchmark your data against other members and gain a better understanding of what sensors are used across the industry.

Performance Tracking

Compare operational performance to other industry leaders.

Connect Operations & Events

Find cause and effect relationships between operational and event data.

Advanced Data Training

Use HRI's large dataset to train models and develop algorithms. 

Big Data

There is no limit to the uses of standard, anonymized data. 

HRI's Data Statistics

HRI's dataset goes back as far as 2003. We are always onboarding data from new units and gathering the latest data updates from members. The following data statistics show the volume of data available for analysis on the HRI Platform today.   

Available Tags
GB of Data
Onboarded Units

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