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Our Focus: Coaching

Providing the tools you need to become analytically driven.

Transformation is challenging, no matter the scope. HRI works with members to plan for, execute, and share what they have learned through digital transformation. Coaching is more than providing a training course, and learning is more than just taking a class. Both involve understanding and testing new skills, engaging with others, and asking for assistance when necessary. 

Coaching at HRI:

  • Involves discussions with experts to increase knowledge on general topics and to help avoid pitfalls and challenges. 
  • Teaches methods for performing research to draw conclusions from the HRI dataset. 
  • Relies on partnering with others to address projects as a team.
  • Trains on how to integrate HRI as a manager, a data scientist, or an Excel wiz. 

How do we Coach?

Coaching is a group effort and HRI enables learning through multiple avenues. 


HRI provides training on how to perform basic and complex data analysis and how to incorporate HRI into your organization. 


HRI forms partnerships with external organizations and our members form partnerships with each other to research topics, perform analysis, and collaborate on approaches.


Learning is best done through discussions with others. The old adage is true... you don't know what you don't know.  HRI holds technical discussions about specific challenges and more general discussions to improve our member's knowledge of digital transformation concepts. 

Culture Exchange

People are essential to change. Tools will not change an organization – you must change the culture of your organizations work. HRI members share their experiences and learn from each other on how to navigate culture change. 

Coaching's Value

  1. HRI performs research and uses it to develop training which enables members to learn and sparks ideas on how to better use the dataset. 

  2. Coaching and training is not an individual activity. Members discuss ideas, share outcomes, and partner with research organizations to augment their learning and avoid "reinventing the wheel". 

  3. Our diverse membership provides different approaches to data, technology, and digital transformation giving members better insight and perspective when making investments in new tools or methods. 

HRI Training Library

HRI recognizes that sometimes its best to allow members to access training on their own terms.  HRI offers self-service options to members so they may learn at their own pace and revisit past training as necessary. Training is available on demand, as it is needed. 

HRI also offers live training and discussion opportunities as well as support staff to assist members in using the platform, planning projects, and getting what they need from the HRI.

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