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About Us

Founded as a non-profit in 2018, the Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) provides a platform for sharing data and exchanging ideas, analysis, and observations.

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Our mission is to ensure hydropower continues to be the premier electricity-generating resource in the transition to a low- to no-carbon grid by embracing digital transformation and technological advancement.

Engineer inspecting turbine blades.

HRI aggregates and shares hydropower operational and event data from across the industry.

We recognize that large data sets are necessary to optimize predictive analytics and deep learning. We created a user-friendly environment to navigate the world of big data. Our operational dataset utilizes a universal framework to organize individual member datasets in a way that allows users to easily find what they’re looking for, while protecting member anonymity. 

Our event dataset leverages existing regulatory structure to provide familiarity to users and eases the contribution process for members.

We are a growing community of hydropower owner-operators and researchers

HRI continues to build a community of members to share data, collaborate on projects, and learn best practices in digital transformation. Run by hydropower owner-operators, the HRI pushes forward on projects that benefit all members and focuses on what is best for the hydropower industry.

A screenshot concept from the HRI Admin.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

Energy markets have been disrupted by intermittent renewables and a shift to carbon free generation. Intermittent renewables have driven lower prices and increased the value of hydropower’s ability to serve as energy storage. 

HRI is changing the approach to how hydropower facilities make decisions about operations, maintenance, and capital investments. By committing to digital transformation hydropower facilities are better able to track performance, make decisions, and operate in a new energy landscape. Digital transformation will promote hydropower’s legacy as the best clean electricity generating resource.

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People & Collaboration

HRI was founded knowing hydropower owner-operators can do more working together than we can on our own. HRI is committed to coaching organizations to increase their knowledge of digital transformation. Sharing is pivotal to our success, so we learn from each others' experiences. HRI projects bring together industry leading members and research organizations to advance our collective knowledge and add value to the industry. 

Fostering Research

Researchers need data, relevant feedback, and sometimes assistance to support their studies. By partnering with HRI, researchers have access to HRI data and member knowledge and context. Research performed by these organizations benefit the hydropower industry by helping to optimize maintenance and develop digital twins. The following research organizations have access to HRI data.


Our leadership team is comprised of individuals from member organizations as part of or commitment to being member driven. They ensure we continue to address challenges and opportunities facing our members and the hydropower industry more broadly.

Lisa Martindale

  • HRI President & Board Member

Southern Company

Brett Bickford

  • Secretary

Chelan County PUD

Wyatt Williams

  • Treasurer

Southern Company

Heather Adams

  • VP, Member Engagement

New York Power Authority

Brian Mori

  • VP, Platform Ops

Ontario Power Generation

Daniel Rabon

  • VP, Services

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Zach Behrens

  • VP, Standards

Chelan County PUD

Our Board

Our board is comprised of industry leaders and are members of organizations investing in digital transformation in hydropower.

Kirk Hudson

  • Board President

Chelan County PUD

Joe Kessler

  • Board Member

New York Power Authority

Lisa Martindale

  • HRI President & Board Member

Southern Company