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Do more together.

HRI began as a collaboration between hydropower owner-operators who wanted to achieve more by working together. HRI continues to be a member-driven organization nimble enough to respond to the current needs of the industry. Our members are committed to collaborating, using data and insights, and collectively addressing challenges in the industry. HRI brings members, researchers, and external organizations together to help drive the goals of our members. 

Collaboration at HRI includes: 

  • Setting the priorities of HRI.
  • Sharing the cost and benefits of projects.
  • Connecting the right people at member organizations.
  • Bringing technical experts together.
  • Engaging with researchers and research organizations.

Opportunities to Collaborate

HRI members collaborate in many ways.


HRI manages projects so members don't have to. Projects are driven by member priorities and all members share the benefit of a project's conclusions. Projects are better and cheaper because there is more input from across the industry and less cost per member.  


HRI coordinates with researchers and research organizations, pulling in members to provide input as needed and providing broad industry input on researcher-driven projects.


Our Technical Collaboration Group (TCG) meets regularly to bring members together, have in-depth technical discussions, and to share ideas. Group participants are tailored toward the meeting topic, so the right people are in the room for the most efficient and effective discussions.  This also enables cross member introductions to others doing similar work. 

Collaboration Forum

HRI holds its annual conference to share what members have done, discuss pressing issues in the industry, and prioritize HRI's initiatives and goals to best serve members.

Innovation Day

Innovation Day began in 2023 and offers members the opportunity to share, discuss, and engage on the most innovative things they are doing. 

Value of Collaboration

  1. Sharing the cost of projects across member organizations drastically reduces the cost of doing projects alone.

  2. Avoid pitfalls and issues because of experiences, ideas, challenges, and solutions shared by other members.  

  3. Deep dive into technical or strategic discussions with members from multiple organizations, connecting the right people for each discussion.

Digital Collaboration

Members receive access to the HRI Member Portal which provides easy access to: 

  • Projects: Review past project outcomes and details so you can apply them today.
  • Use Cases: Members share the work they have done with data to solve challenges.
  • Collaboration Forum: Gain access to our library of work from past conferences.
  • Training: Utilize training materials to learn more.
  • Member Contacts: Connect with others who have the same interest and expertise as you.

And more! 

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