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About the HRI

Founded as a non-profit in 2018, the Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) provides a platform for both sharing data and exchanging ideas, analysis, and observations. The HRI is deeply rooted in its asset owner-focus, but recognizes the invaluable roles manufacturers and researchers play in advancing the industry. As such, the HRI is designed to support the digital transformations of asset owners, give manufacturers a competitive edge in product development, and guide researchers in their R&D efforts. The three founders—Chelan County Public Utility District, Southern Company, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers—are dedicated to the HRI’s success and impact, and together, represent ~30% of hydropower capacity in the U.S.

The hydropower industry is and will continue to embrace digital transformation as it is the only way to continue competing in the evolving energy market. The industry’s archived data, current data, and future data presented in an organized, comparable, and quality-controlled manner will be available in one place—the HRI. Researchers have always played a critical role in the industry’s advancement and we believe the best way to continue this is to bring together industry leaders through the HRI. Researchers, specifically, will identify critical relationships to measure and monitor, and understand how changing operations will impact equipment, maintenance, and the environment. Most important, however, are the discoveries we cannot anticipate. The HRI is fueling these discoveries by putting together the largest, highest quality, and easiest-to-use hydropower operational data set in the industry.

Researchers are key in achieving the industry-wide goals of lower costs, more flexibility and availability, and minimal unplanned outages. Identifying R&D opportunities is essential to both your research and next generation energy. Not only do we provide the data, but also weed out any data that is deemed bad quality and map it to our standardized classification system. This system includes the specific component, location of the component, and specifics of the measurements taken, such as units and materials. This, in turn, allows all output data to be comparable across equipment, plants, asset owners, regions, and reports.

Build relationships with industry leaders

Data from across the industry and around the globe is shared, enabling researchers to access what they need from one place—the data, the ability to work with the entities who created it, and others who will impact the industry moving forward. The HRI was founded on the premise that working together is the best way to solve big problems and realize change. As a part of the HRI, you will have access to shared data, discoveries, and ideas. The HRI has incorporated the ability to collaborate using its platform, allowing and encouraging users to communicate. Together, hydropower asset owners, manufacturers, and researchers can recognize industry changes, address market challenges, and innovate so that hydropower can serve the world for years to come.