The Power of Industrial Data

As renewable markets continue to evolve, hydropower asset owners are striving to remain competitive with other renewable energy sources. To do so, asset owners are constantly looking for ways to optimize operations, minimize unplanned outages, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers are key in achieving these industry-wide goals. Identifying owners’ product needs and developing those desired products are essential to the success of your business and next generation energy. Being able to provide digitally-enabled equipment and help asset owners in avoiding costly outages in the competitive electricity market is becoming a differentiator in quality manufacturers.

About the HRI

Founded as a non-profit in 2018, the Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) provides a platform for both sharing data and exchanging ideas, analysis, and observations. The HRI is deeply rooted in its asset owner-focus, but recognizes the invaluable roles manufacturers and researchers play in advancing the industry. As such, the HRI is designed to support the digital transformations of asset owners, give manufacturers a competitive edge in product development, and guide researchers in their R&D efforts. The three founders—Chelan County Public Utility District, Southern Company, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers—are dedicated to the HRI’s success and impact, and together, represent ~30% of hydropower capacity in the U.S.

How can the HRI help manufacturers?

Participating in the HRI presents a unique business opportunity. The dynamic industry-wide data set and collaborative nature of the platform give you the ability to improve your understanding of what product owners need and want. Manufacturers are integrating digital technology in their products or developing them as stand-alone products. You need operational data to build algorithms and learn how to better maintain equipment, detect potential failures ahead of time, and understand changes in equipment operation. By analyzing and leveraging the HRI’s data set, you can improve your products, identify early indicators of asset failure, establish additional data monitoring points to help predict and prevent future failures, and collaborate with asset owners on maintenance schedules. You can monitor your installed equipment as new data is added to the HRI’s data set.

As a participant of the HRI, you will be able to request data that interests you from any piece of equipment on the platform. The HRI’s data can provide insight into how your equipment is performing under a variety of conditions. The HRI’s collaborative platform facilitates and encourages communication among participants, allowing manufacturers to collaborate with utility companies and researchers to define new products, participate in research, or field test a new product. This not only supports the planning behind product development, but also provides manufacturers the opportunity to obtain direct feedback and identify areas of improvement. Together, HRI participants will lead digital transformation in the hydropower industry, develop quality analyses, and build products so that hydropower remains the most attractive renewable energy source for years to come.

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