You have all this data—what are you doing with it?

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About the HRI

Founded as a non-profit in 2018, the Hydropower Research Institute (HRI) provides a platform for both sharing data and exchanging ideas, analysis, and observations. The HRI is deeply rooted in its asset owner-focus, but recognizes the invaluable roles manufacturers and researchers play in advancing the industry. As such, the HRI is designed to support the digital transformations of asset owners, give manufacturers a competitive edge in product development, and guide researchers in their R&D efforts. The three founders—Chelan County Public Utility District, Southern Company, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers—are dedicated to the HRI’s success and impact, and together, represent ~30% of hydropower capacity in the U.S.

As asset owners and power generators, you provide power to customers and strive to operate in a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective manner. Day-to-day decisions affect a multiple of people, organizations, and society as a whole. As asset owners, you collect thousands of data points each day, but are you utilizing this data to its full potential? By leveraging data to make data-driven decisions, you can reduce downtime, lower costs, and deliver a reliable service to end customers.

With the emergence of big data analytics, data has become a sought-after asset. However, data analytics tools require a vast quantity of data in order to provide valuable results. As more data is incorporated into analyses, the output becomes more accurate. The HRI introduces a solution that provides endless opportunities. Asset owners are able to leverage data to identify early indicators of equipment failure and establish more effective maintenance schedules—all enabling you to manage your assets and operations more effectively, resulting in an increased overall business value.

How can the HRI help asset owners?

The HRI is an unparalleled tool to connect asset owners with industry-wide data and others working to digitally transform hydropower operations. With hydropower plants located around the world, the only way to effectively harness the power of big data, power machine learning, and advance the industry is to work together. The HRI provides access to large operational data sets for use in advanced analytics. While sharing your data with competitors may seem daunting, the HRI is committed to transparency, universal understanding, and collective benefit. Before sharing it on the platform, your data is anonymized and mapped to a standardized, hydropower-specific classification system. This process allows all contributors to share their data and compare it with others’, without revealing the source.

The only way to drive change in hydropower industry is by uniting as asset owners, manufacturers, and researchers. The HRI provides a collaborative community platform, focused on assisting asset owners in reaping the most benefit from their data. Using it, contributors are able to share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned. The cost and risk of adopting digital transformation practices should decrease by learning from the experiences of others. Contributors will also be in direct contact with manufacturers and researchers, working together to develop research and new, innovative products. With the help of the HRI, hydropower can remain the leading renewable energy source and serve customers for years to come.

”You have all this data—what are you doing with it?”

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